We take the time to make sure our roasts are repeatable. There's nothing worse than having the coffee you love change from one bag to another. We use different tools that measure bean density and water content as well as a color analyzer to assure matching color and bean development.


Q: Bean development?

A: A little past 3/4ths of the roasting process, the first crack occurs. The development clock begins ticking. The roaster looks for at least a 20% bean development time to bring out the sweetness and richness of the coffee.


Q: Why not have a super long bean development time?

A: Too long of a time and you get a baked coffee bean that is rather bland. The roaster must walk the tightrope of long enough, but not too long.

Q: First crack? Are you sure you are talking about coffee?

A: Yes, coffee cracks (pops) at least once in the roasting process — sometimes twice for darker roasts. Coffee not only cracks, but expands.

Q: Why are some beans oily and some are not?

A: If you are seeing beans with oil on them, it means it has been roasted at or past the second crack.

Q: Second crack?

A: This is the ending stage of darker roasted beans. These beans usually have a darker flavor and heavy body, but lose out on the more subtle flavors of a lighter roast.  Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong, it's all love.

Q: I heard the roaster you roast on is quite unique, can you tell me what makes it so different?

A: Great question! Loring Roasters that are made in the USA are the most environmentally friendly coffee roasters ever made. Less emissions and lower energy consumption make these roasters really stand out.

Q: What about taste?

A: Sweet, clean, and delicious. The Loring brings out flavors and smoothness unlike any other roaster on the market.

Q: No hassle returns?

A: Not a fan? We will send you another coffee, free of charge.  Limit once, please.

Q: If I have more questions?

A: Send us an email or give us a call. We love to chat!


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A: Too long of a time and you get a baked coffee bean